Thursday, 16 February 2012

Day 94

Had most productive afternoon in peace and quiet having banished Mrs Payne to shed.  Spied on her several times during afternoon and pleased to see her chinking away with her bells in quiet.  Also mouth-read "bother!" repeated many times, presuming this as Mrs Payne got end of her 6 note record.

Surprised mid-afternoon to find knock at door, and further to find Horseface on doorstep.  Invited her in and noticed wooden box in hand not dissimilar to Mrs Payne's.  Asked why I had pleasure of her company, and most annoyed that Horseface brushed this off entirely, asked if she could see Mrs Payne.  Said awfully tersely "Shed!", and promptly bundled Horseface out of back door into garden.

Looking out of back door, watching for several moments as Horseface looked confused, and hearing a frustrated "bother!" coming from shed, proceeded to knock.  Thought this all too funny, shouted after her,
"She's in residence.  Go in!  Haven't got the flag mast yet!".

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