Friday, 17 February 2012

Day 95 - lunch

Took Mrs Payne into town mid-morning for bell ringing trial.  Looked awfully anxious, but gave positive encouragement all the way there.  Was more determined than Mrs Payne to beat Horesface and by way of keeping nerves steady had still not told Mrs Payne about Horseface assuming victory.

Heard clinking of bells from some distance away, as well as the fearful shaking of charity collectors.  Bound to say under usual circumstances would avoid gaggle of silver-haired monsters, and seeing Mrs Payne gripping her wooden box tight, wished I had something to hold on to, or perhaps use as weapon should things turn nasty.

Mrs Payne and I greeted by way of shaking of charity box, received most cordially when pounds had duly been donated.  Explained that Mrs Payne and Horseface would take part in a single piece, by way of trial, and then would be told their fate, leaving remainder of club to play for today.

Thankful to see Horseface some steps away and clearly nervous herself, did not greet us.  Awfully rude.  Gave Mrs Payne profound encouragement, reminding her of what we had practiced, as to thinking "left" and "right" when ringing, and seeing determination in her eyes sought out nearby bench.

Ladies lined up, bells in hands, and following count in proceeded to ring away tune that put chill down spine.  Watched terribly closely Mrs Payne, and could see lips moving in terms of "left" and "right", and what appeared correct tune, however Horseface positively all over place.  Notes most discordant with tune, as well as ringing over top of musical break.  Piece went awfully quickly, and was soon over.

Mrs Payne came over to bench, still clutching her little bells, asking what I thought.  Before had time to answer Horseface trotted up, and most furiously accused Mrs Payne of outright sabotage saying out loud "left" and "right" constantly, most confusing to play.  Added she was certain such amateurish playing would not be accepted, and cantered off.  Quite ignoring this, went on to say I thought Mrs Payne's playing rather on par with club, and certainly best performance to date, and not to worry in slightest about Horseface.

We waited some minutes before hearing verdict, during which managed to weasel more pounds from us for charity.  Thought this most dirty trick.  Was pleased that "Chief Ringer" gathered Mrs Payne and Horseface together for results.  Were told ever so politely that Mrs Payne's playing rather "average", but comparatively was absolute professional compared to Horseface, with chief ringer terribly sorry to say, but Horseface's playing positive anarchy, rather like clock shop at noon.  As such was terribly sorry, but neither would be suitable for club.  Following this news bells were solemnly returned, and we were left dejected as ringing resumed.

Mrs Payne made apology to Horseface if she put her off, but before had time to finish Horseface had cantered off in evident rage.

Returning home told Mrs Payne not to worry about Horseface, and for record, Horseface had said she was most superior player and certain to get part, so not to feel responsible in slightest.  Mrs Payne furious to learn this, visibly shaking called her a "scoundrel".

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