Monday, 20 February 2012

Day 96 - lunch

Following Horseface's suggestion regards cleaner, have spent this morning on telephone to purveyors of that particular skill.  Furious about this as cleaner altogether unnecessary expense.

Other half mentioned after boss and Horseface had left on Saturday night that would be terribly good idea to get cleaner and alleviate housework.  Said this absolute nonsense, we already had one hanger-on, gesturing to Mrs Payne, and certainly did not need another.  This taken very badly by other half and Mrs Payne, was called a "fearful brute".

Stuck to my point all the same, said if more cleaning needed to be done Mrs Payne could jolly well do it.  Had to laugh when Mrs Payne said she did plenty of work around house already.  Exclaimed did not think crossword puzzle on toilet counted.

Realised other half certainly not backing down on matter, and eventually gave way to getting cleaner.  Mrs Payne thought this most pleasing, said she would have someone to talk to!  Replied she would jolly well have nothing of the sort.

As such this morning settled on cleaner seeming most rude over telephone, as will surely be most unsuitable conversation partner for Mrs Payne.

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