Monday, 20 February 2012

Day 96

Invited boss and Horseface around for dinner on Saturday by way of improving relations between Horseface and Mrs Payne.  As such had best sherry ready to loosen grudges as they arrived early evening.

Sincerely wish had stuck to cheap sherry, as result altogether undesirable.  Soon after handing around glasses Horseface said was pleased Mrs Payne had quite finished shouting left and right.  Mrs Payne replied she hoped her breathing wasn't causing distraction.  Boss most nervous by this.  Other half said she'd check on dinner.

In meantime received more rudeness caused by Horseface asking if we had considered cleaner.  Said no we hadn't, and further didn't consider the place such a mess that we should need to.  Horseface by way of apology said certainly wasn't implying anything regards cleanliness.  Wasn't like we lived in a shed!  Replied we certainly didn't, that's just where we kept Mrs Payne.  All had jolly good laugh at this except Mrs Payne, looked frightfully annoyed.  Asked if she would like another sherry.  Tried giving her cheap stuff, but old dear sharper than she seems, told me not to be so stingy.

Had dinner and relations altogether improved.  Horseface said she didn't want to join the silly bell ringing club anyway.  Mrs Payne added Horseface far to young anyway, and would look out of place.  Horseface added she didn't consider Mrs Payne all that older, and peace was resumed.  Excited by this new constitution,  thought it highly amusing to suggest I should join bell ringing club instead, as would surely fit in amongst silver haired old ladies.  All agreed at this, and Mrs Payne added she could see me angrily shaking a charity collector.  Other half said in defence I certainly wasn't that old, before added with a giggle it was just that I looked like an old lady.  All in fits of laughing at this.  Most annoyed, said I would check on dessert.

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