Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Day 97 - lunch

Found Mrs Payne's mess with tea leaves and sugar altogether cleared up by dinner last night, and quickly found out this was because she wanted me to take her to doctor.  Self diagnosis that big toe was "giving her gyp".  Queried whether toe was perhaps making bid for freedom hoping to disconnect itself entirely not taken well, but Mrs Payne gritted teeth and said she would be very grateful for transport.

Went out mid-morning to see doctor, although said it highly unlikely she would be seen ad-hoc.  Surprised when came out only 5 minutes later awfully pale, and explained they would have to amputate.  Said this highly ridiculous, and assured her otherwise, but sure enough Mrs Payne clutched appointment card specifying "minor surgery".

Getting back to home Mrs Payne rather quiet, asked if she would like cup of tea to calm nerves.  Reassured Mrs Payne situation not altogether bad, would surely get 10% discount at chiropodist.

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