Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Day 97

Ever so impressed with cleaner, and will be starting today!  Was most eager and came around yesterday late afternoon to see about job.  As such spent most of afternoon vigorously cleaning with not a jot of help from Mrs Payne.  Said on several occasions help would be appreciated, with response that cleaning house to impress cleaner "positively ridiculous".

In any event, had desired affect on cleaner, as made point of saying place rather well kept, and wondered if we needed cleaner at all!  Replied that home was usually this clean, and were other people's not?  Cleaner said some people's homes were "a right tip", and then there were others that cleaned up before she got there.  Said I thought this awfully silly.

Showed cleaner around various rooms, and showed her quickly through lounge as not to take up conversation with Mrs Payne.  By way of completeness commented as to,
"No need to dust the old dear.".

Most displeased to find Mrs Payne had made tea whilst showing cleaner upstairs, and tea leaves and sugar positively heaped on counter top.  Furious at this, advised cleaner would do well not to get drawn in by Mrs Payne.  Cleaner altogether quiet on subject and rather abrupt in general.  Pleased by this as was sure to avoid chatting with Mrs Payne.

All concluded, cleaner said she would be happy to accept the job working Tuesdays and Thursday, as such Miss Broom was engaged as cleaner.

Thanked Miss Broom for her prompt visit and filled in relevant documents.  Said she was sure we would be pleased with her work.  At this Mrs Payne commented not to expect me to clean for her tomorrow.  Miss Broom begged her pardon, but what did she mean?  Mrs Payne in much hilarity said I had cleaned before she arrived, adding "he was running around like a milk maid".  Miss Broom gave little titter at this, at which awfully annoyed said we had concluded our business and thanked her very much for her time.

Having shown Miss Broom to door stalked back to say at some volume "Mrs Payne!", before adding "Clean up that tea and sugar!".
 This outright refused, with reply,
"I don't see why, we've got a cleaner now!  You can do it before she arrives!".

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