Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Day 98 - lunch

Thought would treat myself to biscuit for mid-morning tea and astonished to find biscuit tin entirely empty.  Asked Mrs Payne about this, as biscuits last seen being handed out to hired help.  Replied had not in slightest seen biscuits, and had only one herself.  Took decided pinch of salt with this, said if Mrs Payne's hand spent any more time in biscuit tin she would rust.

Most displeased by this, and further had fearful row with other half last night as to why bathroom items altogether rearranged, and had I not given instructions on what to do.  Said yes I had, and further could not be held responsible for every single item cleaner touched.  Mrs Payne aggrieved also, said pair of "underthings" had been stuffed in wardrobe.  Reply they had probably been mistaken for bed sheet altogether unappreciated.

Have set out number of grievances tomorrow for Miss Broom, principally drawn up by other half.  Most concerned about raising these.  To make matters worse, Mrs Payne entirely pleased with Miss Broom to talk to and find her positively unbearable myself.  This addressed with suggestion as to reduce cleaning duties but pay her to see Mrs Payne.  Said this highly ridiculous.  If wanted more company, could jolly well feed the ducks, quickly rebuked as making poor conversation.  Said ducks presumably upset she ate all the bread.

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