Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Day 98

Miss Broom arrived yesterday afternoon as arranged and set about her cleaning.  Felt awfully on edge with someone walking around one's home so went to get tea whilst allowing Miss Broom to clean office.

Going to get tea saw that tea leaves and sugar again heaped on counter top and scolded Mrs Payne for such mess.  This seemed altogether to make no impact, Mrs Payne said toe hurt awfully when stood up.  Replied soon wouldn't be worrying about toe hurting, just the bit that connected to the foot.  This appeared fearfully inadequate encouragement for cleaning counter top.

Miss Broom returned from upstairs, and having said some kind words to Mrs Payne regards toe, gave me altogether different side, complaining bitterly about state of office, and would she be expected to clean papers on desk on each occasion?  Replied she was certainly not required to clean papers on any occasion, as had carefully arranged them.  This apparently all too late, as stalking upstairs found work, once carefully ordered, now in rough pile.

Quite unable to sort out mess now went downstairs to retrieve abandoned cup of tea to find Miss Broom sat down having jolly chat with Mrs Payne.  Most displeased about this, asked would she be getting back to work soon?  Terse response came back that was by law required break of 15 minutes, and if this proved problem, was sure employment office would hear about it.  Furious about this, and further, Mrs Payne proceeding to offer by best biscuits.  Stormed back upstairs and forgot tea for second time.

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