Thursday, 23 February 2012

Day 99 - lunch

Had fearful row with Miss Broom when she arrived.  Produced laundry list of problems and had only got to item 1 before she declared it a "bloody liberty" and stormed into kitchen  To make matters worse, said later that if we wanted bathroom cleaning would have to move various items out of way beforehand, and could not be expected to clean around them.  Considered this distinctly rough but thought better of further disagreement and carefully moved bottles and suchlike onto window ledge.

Annoyed as Miss Broom altogether civil to Mrs Payne, and further referred to our disagreement as,
"The Master here expects me to be a common skivvy".  Thought this highly unreasonable, and more so Mrs Payne's comment as to treating her "like a slave".  Had a number of cross words with Mrs Payne later on making united stance.  Replied she had.

Put various items back in bathroom and realised window ledge now rather unclean itself.  Quite unwilling to ask Miss Broom to do this, resorted to cleaning it myself, quite furious at this.

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