Thursday, 23 February 2012

Day 99

Mrs Payne still in agony with toe this morning. Hobbling about awfully and uttering "oof!" at any opportunity.  Said to other half over breakfast we should put her down.  Told this was terribly thing to say.  Apparently taking her to animal rescue no better.

Advice given by doctor that she should not put weight on it.  Said this very wise advice, and thankfully something she had been doing for positively decades.  This quickly dismissed as Mrs Payne rather active for her age.  Said quite right, difficult to be active in coffin.

Fearfully worried about conversation with Miss Broom later.  Have list of issues and certain she won't take well to them.  Said to other half might be better to leave complaints unmentioned in interim.  Told this nonsense, and was I man or mouse.  Said if she had crossed words with Miss Broom she would be asking for cheese too.

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