Thursday, 1 March 2012

Day 104 - lunch

Received reply from boss regarding poster design, not altogether favourable.  In any event was told selection had been made to send to printers, and most excited that will be in tomorrow's newspaper!

Mrs Payne altogether disinterested by this, said she was trying to get crossword out of the "intputernet".  Said was probably best leaving other half's laptop until got home, and in any case, no such address as "crossword please", although commended Mrs Payne on her manners.

Mrs Payne most annoyed at not having crossword, as those dabbed out with correction fluid rather difficult on account of additional letter spaces with white dabs rather larger than original squares.  Pleased to see had attempted one, however was unsure on word "hipotamous".  Replied was only word that would fit.

Giving up on computer, typed "goodbye" into intputernet box and shut laptop.  Said she was going to newspaper shop to get newspaper.  Commented while getting read as to wondering if her electric mail had arrived.  Replied was probably still at sorting office.

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