Friday, 2 March 2012

Day 105 - lunch

Terribly excited to see my advert and eagerly awaited other half coming home.  Mrs Payne all too disinterested, was working on her crossword.  This most annoying whilst waiting, as had constant questioning as to clues, including spelling of Thames.  Said had 'h' in it.  Was told that would be "Tamesh".

Opened front door as soon as other half home and quickly flicked through newspaper to see advert.  Found it quickly on page 5, thought this awfully good position.  Received much acclaim by Mrs Payne and other half.  In height of excitement Mrs Payne said "Ooh I say!  Fancy!" and other half most pleased, said it was awfully good and had come on a lot from early drafts.  Bound to say it did look somewhat different, presumed had been typeset by newspaper.

Mrs Payne, evidently in excitement such that she may very well have popped exclaimed with squeal that it was HER design!  Begged her pardon, but how could it be her design?  Proceeded to hear explanation that was awfully bored having no crossword, and as such had drawn up little design of her own, and given it to boss when he was round.  Further sent detail by "electric mail" afterwards.  By way of proving this proceeded to retrieve crumpled and torn piece of paper.  Apologising on state of paper on account of sitting on it, Mrs Payne held up design to newspaper, and sure enough, matched.

Positively furious at this, commended Mrs Payne for her work, but really was awfully unprofessional of boss not to publish work from paid staff.  Other half declared this absolute nonsense, said mother had done rather professional job, and further would I be providing commission fee to her?  Replied after some thought, no I would jolly well not!

Mrs Payne all too excited to partake in this argument, proceeded to look between her crumpled paper and the newspaper, occasionally saying, "Fancy!".  After some moments other half and I gave up this spectacle, and going to see about lunch awfully jarred to hear Mrs Payne exclaim in daze,
"And to think I got 500 pounds for it!".

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