Monday, 5 March 2012

Day 106

Still most annoyed about boss choosing Mrs Payne's advert design over my own, and further learned on Saturday that other half saw Horseface in town and invited her and boss to dinner on Thursday. Said this most unreasonable and would altogether rather cancel.  Other half declared this positive nonsense, and was sure to enjoy the evening, further suggested cooking something fancy.  Mrs Payne exclaimed this a jolly idea, and could we have caviare, as had seen it on television recently.  Replied this ridiculous justification for food choice, and was fearfully expensive, and altogether unsuited for event, perhaps another time.  Mrs Payne added thoughtfully that could pay from 500 pounds advert money.  Said caviare excellent idea.

Further discussed chicken for main, instantly dismissed as being fearfully bland.  Replied this most untrue, was all down to cooking, further had seen recipe with various food items added to roasting pot, simple in preparation and most delicious in result.  Other half replied was jolly nice of me to offer to cook it.  Reply I didn't seemed to go unheard.

Mrs Payne most excited by caviare.  Said she wondered what it tasted like.

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