Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Day 107 - lunch

Found acquiring caviare terribly difficult, and went amongst several expensive food shops with frightful prices, but asking as to caviare turned up not a jot of success.  Most annoyed as went to Figgins, promptly sent me to Specialist Foods, who presently sent me back to Figgins saying he thought she had some.

With unfortunate inevitability saw Horseface, most amused as had seen me "storming to and fro like blue bottle on a window".  Most annoyed at this but explained was looking for caviare for Thursday.  Horseface most excited on prospect, explained not a solitary egg of caviare could be had in town, but gave me details of little place to try outside town.  Most pleased with this lead, so had coffee with Horseface.

Upon purchasing coffee Horseface said jolly well done with newspaper advertisement.  Had heard from husband received some awful rubbish in terms of design, but learned I had submitted.  Went on, was terribly well put together and most professional looking.  Too annoyed to reply to this.  Said it was rather warm for this time of year.

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