Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Day 108 - lunch

Mrs Payne stayed in bed this morning on account of being ill.  Positively certain this is all but mildest of colds, but other half most insistent with measures to make Mrs Payne well for dinner tomorrow with boss and Horseface.  Most annoyed at this, as means am reduced to bell boy answering Mrs Payne's every desire.

Further annoyed mid-morning by what bound to say was positively 10th call that would I be so kind as to make tea?  Exclaimed I had already made tea, and she didn't want one.  This quickly justified as "the fever talking".  Stalked downstairs to get tea and upon return found Mrs Payne altogether asleep.  Carefully placed tea on bedside table, only to have call 10 minutes later that had knocked over cup, and in any case, tea was stewed.  Cleared up mess and had one or two words as to having better things to do with for work, and would she mind having some consideration.  Positively furious at response that if was such a problem, I could specify work such that Mrs Payne could draw a little design to, "help with the hard bits".  Stalked out of room and heard Mrs Payne struggle to shout, "I SAID....".

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