Thursday, 8 March 2012

Day 109

Fearfully busy last night on account of other half making crackers for dinner tomorrow and Mrs Payne's incessant requests.  Other half most encouraged by this as indication as to Mrs Payne getting better.  Said may be the case, but working me into early grave.  This complaint interrupted by Mrs Payne calling and other half shouting, "Robert's coming!" before adding, "don't fall into the grave dear!".

Most pleased this morning that Mrs Payne out of bed and looking somewhat better.  Said she was feeling rather more herself and would have something to eat later.

Will be terribly productive this morning with regards to work such that can prepare dinner this afternoon.  As such informed Mrs Payne as to being positively self-reliant, as not a moment to spare on making tea and so on.  Further, made quite some stipulating that had better not find orange wedged in tea pot.  Mrs Payne most unhappy by this, queried as to how to get her vitamins.  Explained could jolly well find something else.  Looked at her oranges with disappointment.

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