Monday, 12 March 2012

Day 111

Rather good weekend, and pleased to say no more was said about mix-up with Mrs Payne's advertisement.

This morning, good mood took unfortunate turn for worse as heard quite extraordinary scream from Mrs Payne in bathroom, the likes of which would give a wild animal the willies.  Rushed to see what the matter, under quite the assumption of fatality, and having knocked politely on door, received cry,
"Get the board!".  Thought this most baffling, however rushed away and returned moments later as Mrs Payne was vacating bathroom in awful fluster.

Explained I had brought the board, and was everything alright?  Was told rather tersely she wanted water board, and sometimes I was a fearful idiot.  Most annoyed at this, said she didn't specify what type of board, and should I take the ironing board away?

Thought some moments later, why did she need water board.  Received reply that hot water was off!  Mrs Payne's suggestion as to ringing water board altogether unreasonable idea, suggested hot water not delivered through pipes, could perhaps ring gas man instead?  Received annoyed reply that was hot WATER that was off, not hot GAS!  Replied there was a quantity of hot gas available.

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