Thursday, 15 March 2012

Day 114 - lunch

Home positively roaring temperature thanks to heating on with flagrant disregard for cost.  Mrs Payne rather displeased as coming down for mid-morning tea complained was awfully hot, could we not turn down heating?  Explained this quite of question, was positively basking in working boiler, although suggested could perhaps take off tea cosy.

Reaching up to head, Mrs Payne patted tea cosy, exclaimed she quite forgot it was on, adding was so used to it barely knew it was there.  Taking it off she looked at the item, said with feeling it had served her well.  Suggested it served the tea pot rather better and promptly returned it to such.  Mrs Payne most disappointed with this.

Furious at lunch to find front door wide open (adjoining lounge) and Mrs Payne having regained tea cosy on head.  Asked what the devil she was doing, and was told with much jollity that was awfully hot, and as would not turn down heating opened door to let bit of air in.  Found with draught she needed something for head, however.  Said it was awfully good idea as could see whole street from armchair.  Had a little game of waving to people as they came past.  At this suspicious old couple appeared from house, Mrs Payne silently mouthed "Cooeee!" and waved with big grin.  Furiously slammed door closed.

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