Thursday, 15 March 2012

Day 114

Most annoyed yesterday to find note on door mat that gas man had been and been unable to get any response from door.  This inevitably whilst was out and Mrs Payne asleep and deaf.  Further, had to pay 50 pounds for another visit, though thankfully prompt in arrival, and now boiler fixed!

Gas man on leaving proceeded to give Mrs Payne nut back from handiwork.   Suggested not meddling with boilers in future.  This solemnly promised, although would surely find another use for nut, so thanked him for returning it.  Said she jolly well wouldn't, threw it in bin.

Have celebrated boiler working by turning heating on full and having nice shower this morning.  This rather let down as shower rather varying in temperature from scalding to positively arctic.  Complained about this at breakfast, with Mrs Payne replying was rather odd, she was running kitchen taps, those also running hot and cold.  Furious at this.

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