Monday, 19 March 2012

Day 116 - lunch

Most nervous this morning regards birthday gifts for other half, could not think of solitary possibility.  This further aggravated as asking Mrs Payne on her gifts, received nonchalant reply as to "usual tat", and further as I was getting rather special gifts would not possibly try to compete.  Pressed by asking if she was to get nice gifts what might they be.  Reply, "oh, a car, I shouldn't wonder", altogether useless.

Decided in any event would organise jolly nice surprise party, so telephoned boss, promptly said would be delighted and was awfully nice idea, further did I have any ideas for gift?  Declared had not a jot of idea for myself, and would be hanged if was providing an idea if I did.  This duly accepted, said was sure Horseface would organise "usual tat".  Getting fearfully annoyed with this term.

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