Monday, 19 March 2012

Day 116

Terribly good weekend as visited dear friend Susan for her birthday.  This most enjoyable and had altogether delicious cake.  Had unfortunate luck of bringing Mrs Payne, despite protestation as to leaving her at home.  Other half said this most unfair, could not possibly fend for herself.  Said was more concerned about biscuits fending for themselves.

Point altogether proven right regards leaving Mrs Payne at home, as most rudely asked Susan age, and despite awful glare from other half, said she looked terribly well for her age, must not be a day older than her!  Replied this fearful nonsense, Mrs Payne positively decades older and quite likely age of mother!  Mrs Payne most displeased with this, said she felt like as fit as a fiddle.  Further, was there any more cake?

Visit came to end and rolling Mrs Payne to car, more cake than woman, frightful to learn that other half rather similar in birthday, being this Thursday.  Most aggrieved at this, had not a clue was so soon.  Replied I had noticed the similar dates earlier and was wondering if she would say.  Mrs Payne said was terribly pleased I knew, as some husbands most forgetful, and was sure of most dazzling of gifts.  Now know how the biscuit feels.

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