Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Day 118 - lunch

Left Mrs Payne this morning with icing bag and several pieces of card by way of practice for icing cake.  Thought this altogether madness and would sooner get jolly nice note wishing happy birthday done at cake shop, but Mrs Payne most insistent as to doing this.

Progress not altogether abundant when coming down for mid-morning tea.  Found Mrs Payne concentrating fearfully on icing bag, with little nozzle oozing uncontrollably with awful blood red icing.  Upon hearing me Mrs Payne promptly turned around and still holding icing bag said was having fearful trouble regards making icing, proceeding to drip quantity of icing on floor, and before had time to return bag to table, also my slipper.

Most annoyed at this, as would be awfully difficult to explain red mark on slipper to other half.  Mrs Payne said not to worry, could easily pop in washing machine.  Terribly simple and slipper would come out good as new.  Quite unsure on this, but did as suggested.

At lunch Mrs Payne still concentrating on icing, and bound to say had rather more on table than on mock cake.  Said it rather more difficult than had remembered, but was sure to get it.  Also would need more icing, as had almost gone through box.  In any case was it time for lunch?

Furious as mentioned some moments later, mentioned by the by, slipper positively fell apart.  Really terribly poor workmanship.  However, terribly good news, had only put right slipper with red in, so left slipper same as usual, and would I like to wear it?  Too furious to answer.

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