Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Day 118

Quite some preparations taking place for other half's birthday on Thursday.  As such yesterday afternoon tasked Mrs Payne with making rather nice banner for lounge window saying Happy Birthday.  Have printed out some jolly nice letters on sheets of printer paper, with Mrs Payne stringing together with ribbon for hanging.  This undertaken with much excitement.  Said she had never made banner before.

Coming down for mid-afternoon tea most pleased to see banner complete.  Mrs Payne stated was terribly difficult regards to letters, as had to thread them on backwards.  Replied this all together evidence, further, in inspecting banner, what was:

Happy Birthyad?

Mrs Payne most displeased at this, began unthreading paper and muttering fearfully.  Said not to worry, still had two "yads" to go.

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