Thursday, 22 March 2012

Day 119 - lunch

Have now picked up birthday items from town, and bound to say am most pleased by both.  Cake terribly nice, with clean white icing ready for Mrs Payne's birthday message.  Have given strict instruction as to tone down red dye and for rather a pink colour than blood red.  This duly noted.

Locket positively perfect also, and sure other half will like it.  Have carefully cut out photos and placed inside for Mrs Payne to admire.  Said this most ingenious, and hoped her photo was equally well received in China.  Explained again that photo was not on the "intputernet".

Closing the locket gave Mrs Payne strict instructions as to spend this afternoon practicing icing and to make sure was quite tidy by time other half came home.  Mrs Payne seemed to positively blush at this.  Asking the matter, explained our photos were now kissing.  Said it was time for lunch.

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