Friday, 23 March 2012

Day 120 - lunch

Had dinner, with nothing altogether special by way of making later surprise more exciting.  Following knock at door said with much annoyance was surely charity worker at door, and would give them quite piece of mind!  At this ever so cleverly let boss and Horseface inside, and shoving birthday banner in hands, told them to jolly well get on with it!

Having finished dinner led other half through to lounge, who got quite shock to see boss and Horseface, shouting at awful volume, "SURPRISE!".  Other half most pleased at this, and was terribly sneaky of us to organise it.  Also banner very kind, but rather confused with spelling:

"  A P   Y    B I R    D  Y"

This explained by boss as was awfully sorry, letters simply fell off of own accord, and couldn't do a thing with them.  Presently handed other half remaining letters.  All thought this hilarious.

Other half said was terribly sorry, had not a jot to offer them to eat.  At this with much pride Mrs Payne said she would "see what she could find", disappeared into kitchen with boss and Horseface awfully frightened on account of previous dealings with Mrs Payne's bakery.

All astonished as Mrs Payne returned with nicest of cakes, and bound to say decorated rather well, saying with full lettering "Happy Birthday", with zig zag underneath.  This taken rather too far however, as zig zag, with evident enthusiasm, continued down side of cake and on to tray, where it ended with large spot of pooled icing.  All said this rather clever of Mrs Payne, and would certainly have a piece.

Boss and Horseface most keen for other half to open gift, and doing so revealed silk scarf that other half most pleased with.  Said was very generous of them, and certainly nicest of gifts had received, noting carefully that my gift had yet to arrive.  At this excused myself, and going to kitchen retrieved my gift from kitchen draw.

Presently handed gift to other half, saying gift altogether arrived on time.  Most excited by this, called me a "bounder".  Begged my pardon though, why was wrapping paper covered in icing?  Said had unfortunate run-in with icing bag.  Proceeded several minutes or careful unwrapping, with much icing being consumed during process.  This proved altogether sticky task, and quite unable to open the little box due to covered fingers, excused herself to wash hands.  In meantime Mrs Payne clearing wrapping paper promptly stuck quantity of the sticky side to dress, exclaiming, "bother!".

Loved the locket.

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