Monday, 26 March 2012

Day 121 - lunch

Noise continued all this morning from builders, most distracting from work.  Mrs Payne oblivious to this.

Coming down for lunch found Mrs Payne altogether absent from usual armchair, and investigating kitchen found back door positively gaping, and Mrs Payne in garden.  Most annoyed at door open, as was letting in terrible draught, and positively furious to find Mrs Payne delivering cups of tea to builders.

Returning to house Mrs Payne awfully pleased with herself.  Received utmost protestation as to fraternising with enemy, and bound to say went as far as calling her Judas.  This taken with complete obliviousness, and with some annoyance said at volume,
This apparently stirred Mrs Payne, who taking cheese out of ears, asked,
"Did you say 'biscuit'?  Yes please.".
Most annoyed at this, said no, I jolly well did not.  This all too late, as Mrs Payne had already helped herself.  All the same, provided one or two sharp words regarding not providing tea.  Mrs Payne declared this absolute nonsense, and further builders terribly nice chaps, one had said "thanks, gorgeous".
This all too much, and quite speechless.


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