Monday, 26 March 2012

Day 121

Awful weekend on account of builders arriving at neighbouring house, previously vacated, and performing all kinds of activities with what looks like house extension.  This produced all kinds of noise, not to mention awful music blaring out, and worst, positively fearful singing from builders.

Had quite some complaint over breakfast this morning as to builders already having started, and really was most unreasonable.  This greeted by silence from Mrs Payne, and after further comments seemed to be ignoring me entirely.  Begged her pardon, but had I upset her, and eventually realising the cause, exclaimed,

Mrs Payne removing ear plugs, said was terribly sorry, did I say something?  Said not to mind, and further, where did she get ear plugs from.  This explained with much pleasure that had made ear plugs herself, out of cheese.  Positively shocked to the core by this, and altogether speechless.  Mrs Payne most pleased by her innovation, said she would be happy to make me a pair, and further queried,
"Red leicester, or double gloucester?".

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