Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Day 122 - lunch

Terribly warm weather at the moment and quite glorious sunshine.  This all the more annoying at being shut inside to avoid noise from builders.  Mrs Payne with her cheese thought this altogether irrelevant, and strode into garden in morning to sit in sun.

Came down for mid-morning tea and found Mrs Payne altogether incommunicable, not only on account of earplugs, but altogether being asleep.  Gave her a little tap and presently woke up with a start.  Taking cheese out of ears asked was there any biscuits.

Begged her pardon, but was she greying more than usual.  Took some affront to this, said she was blessed with natural colour.  Said was terribly sorry to inform her, but hair quite grey, and further, as were clothes.  At this builder from next door shoved spadeful of cement into mixer, and cloud of dust passed over garden, further coating Mrs Payne in thin layer of white dust, also myself.  Stated she did find the air a bit "gritty" today.  Positively furious with builders, gave some awfully sharp words regards watching what they were doing.  Only response,
"Got any more to drink?".  Too furious to respond.

Helping Mrs Payne up, stole into house in utmost rage and brought brush for clothes.  Quickly cleaned myself off, but setting about Mrs Payne, most upset at rather vigorous brushing, and dust altogether not coming off.  Suggested she get changed, and added next time to be jolly well more careful with the sherry.

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