Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Day 122

Had fearful row regards giving builders tea over dinner last night.  Other half most in agreement with mother saying altogether neighbourly thing to do.  Said were certainly not neighbours, unless after finishing extension would be moving in together, and quite unsure as to having enough room for six burly builders.  Was told to stop being ridiculous.

Builders started early again this morning and have bought annoying cement mixer also, churning away.  Weather rather warm for this time of year, and in office am either boiling like lobster with window closed, or in middle of building site with window open.  In any event, ever so clever regards Mrs Payne giving tea to builders as have quite taken away all the tea leaving not a leaf for Mrs Payne to make tea with.

Most annoyed whilst getting ready for work to see Mrs Payne tottering outside and leaving back door wide open.  Returning to house made quite some point regards leaving builders alone, and further, was quite impossible to make tea, as had taken the lot!  Mrs Payne largely unconcerned with this, said this strategy most unsuccessful, as had given them something else anyway.  Further, added, by the by, that I might like to buy some more sherry.

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