Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Day 123

Most annoyed this morning to find Mrs Payne's dress still hanging up in kitchen having been washed yesterday.  Dress altogether in way hanging from hat stand, and quite like having two Mrs Paynes in the room.  Most frightening in this regard.

Stated with quite some frustration that had quite had enough regards builders and would jolly well be telephoning council.  Further, could dress kindly be put away now dry?  Mrs Payne most displeased at this interruption to breakfast, however said would fold it, got up with an "ooof".

Picking dress from hanger Mrs Payne altogether confused, and after several moments of consideration, exclaimed,
"It's stiff as a board!".
At this proceeded to hold out the now cardboard like dress at quite a jaunt, and promptly knocked over nearby plant.  Repeating, as if trying to shake off shock,
"Stiff as a board!".

Gave it some consideration myself, and explained wash had obviously not been thorough enough.  Said was some silver lining and all, wouldn't need to iron it! Mrs Payne evidently too shocked to reply.

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