Thursday, 29 March 2012

Day 124 - lunch

Mrs Payne happy at lunchtime on account of ears being altogether clear.  Explained it was just wax!  Not sure what is worse.

Over lunch Mrs Payne begged my pardon, but where had bag of items gone for charity shop?  Was terribly sorry, but hadn't seen a glimpse of a bag.  Followed some concerned moments, came to awfully sharp realisation, asked had it been left by back door, next to fence?  Mrs Payne said as it happens, yes it had.

Went outside and with worst nightmare builders had now arrived, and had not a chance of retrieving bag.  Further, whilst considering predicament nervously, had awful run-in with builder, opening with, "Oi!", and ending with quite some discussion on dumping rubbish on other people's properties against law.  Said he had good mind to tell the owners, and obviously they had made some mistake in moving in next to "some right nutters".  Explained this altogether unnecessary and was sure something could be worked out.

After some negotiation, offers of cups of tea promptly dismissed, settled finally on recompense.  Most furious coming back to house, called to Mrs Payne,
"Get the sherry!".

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