Friday, 30 March 2012

Day 125

Woken up this morning by fearful noise.  Assumed this builders next door, although thought best of spying on them in case caught, causing further antagonism.  Still most annoyed by incident yesterday with sherry.  Kept this quiet from other half, although had noted sherry bottle rather empty.  Said it was Mrs Payne.

Upon finishing breakfast Mrs Payne queried as to whether I was going out today.  Said as it happens may well go to coffee shop, did she want to join me?  Reply that would be awfully nice, although would have to move skip first.  Begged her pardon, but what skip, and why would have to move it?

Followed explanation that skip had been delivered this morning onto our drive.  Mrs Payne, looking out of bedroom window at front of house had seen whole thing.  Not a soul in sight but driver, who promptly left skip.  Further added she gave him a little wave, most rudely did not respond.  Replied was terribly bad manners regards wave, but had she not thought to stop driver, as skip clearly not ours?  Said had assumed I had got it, rather specious with reason to "clear out your office".  Begged her pardon once more, but how much rubbish did she think one could fit in one room?  This altogether ignored.

Went to look at drive from lounge window and positively furious to find large skip now towering over car, and almost to bumper of it (leaving other half's altogether free, bound to say), and most effectively wedging my car between house and skip.  Looking at this and rather bemused other half said she was going to work.  Mrs Payne, added with nonchalant disregard,
"Do you think you'll fill it?"

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