Monday, 2 April 2012

Day 126 - lunch

Following lack of progress regards fence post over weekend, and other half further annoyed by scuff on slippers had bought me, decided altogether preferred to get builder for fence.  As such telephoned for someone to come out for quote.  This certain to be awfully expensive, as builder most nonchalant regards work.

Mrs Payne most pleased fence had been removed, said felt was in stately garden, the size.  As such coming down for lunch found Mrs Payne in next door's garden carelessly tottering around.  Begged her pardon, but if complete with her trespass would she be coming in for lunch?  Explained had barely a clue where boundary was, had been enjoying garden so much.  Further, did I know next door had most prodigious fruit bushes?  Replied certainly did not, and further, any such reclamation of fruit positive theft.  At this showed me quite bounty of berries in handkerchief, said would have to eat them herself.  Replied would perhaps reduce her prison sentence if I had one or two.

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