Monday, 2 April 2012

Day 126

Positively awful weekend as other half most annoyed regards fence, and further flower bed, still looking ever so flat.  Builders left on Friday having completed work with fence still fallen down.  Could do not a thing about this and builder's van altogether anonymous of name by which to make complaint.  As such spent some considerable time myself silently dragging items into neat stack, positively furious throughout.

Saturday, most eager to set things right, said erecting fence positively child's play, as such, would Mrs Payne kindly bring me hammer and some nails.  This duly carried out by Mrs Payne, also eager by way of escaping daughter's snapping.

Mrs Payne presently brought items to garden.  Said this terribly nice of her, but little hammer for picture hooks not altogether suitable.  Mrs Payne queried was I sure, as had found other hammer fearfully heavy.  Went to get it myself.

Came back to find Mrs Payne holding fence post ready to be driven into ground and stern focus on her face.  Said awfully seriously that was read, and give post,
"a fearful seeing to!".  Said would certainly do this, but by the by, the pointy end usually went in the ground.  Mrs Payne stood back for some moments looking at post, begged my pardon, but was I sure?

Set the post point down, and with post in one hand, hammer in other, stuck the thing with furious repetition and giving quite fierce stare throughout.  After some minutes decided had done enough work, promptly dropped hammer to ground saying was rather hard work, but only a dozen more to go.  At this, let go of post, promptly falling to ground on my foot.  Gave quite yell at this and most displeased to find scuff on new slippers.
Stood awfully warm and stared into distance, said gasping,
"I think I need a bigger hammer".
 Mrs Payne said thoughtfully,
"Or a smaller post".

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