Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Day 127 - lunch

Following fearful row with other half last night regards fence still altogether in horizontal arrangement, decided to visit hardware store this morning to see about larger hammer and doing job myself.  Mrs Payne most excited about this, said would see about some seeds for vegetables and suchlike.

Found suitable hammer at hardware store rather quickly, presently spent 30 minutes trying to find Mrs Payne, tottering around with positive arms full of items.  Declared was very exciting growing things, and had bought little soil filled pots, ever so convenient.

Seeking out cashier most annoyed to find Mrs Payne acquiring countless items at quite fearful cost, further at expectation as to me paying on account of vegetables being for everyone.

Arriving home set out Mrs Payne's vegetable growing items on table.  Consisted quite some inventory of items suitable for growing.  Mrs Payne most pleased with this bounty, promptly filled little watering can and drizzled little pots with water.  This all too exasperating, said this ridiculously futile, and further, should she perhaps consider some seeds?  This quickly dismissed by Mrs Payne, explained little pots all was needed and really ever so convenient, placed below tomato sachets on display.  Some moments passed, finally with some annoyance Mrs Payne exclaimed,

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