Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Day 127

Answered door yesterday afternoon to find rogue builder from next door outside.  Furious at this as was expecting genuine builder regards erecting fence.

Altogether displeased at interruption, but thought could perhaps save money and get done free, seeing as was his fault and all.  Begged his pardon, but presumed he was here by way of apology and offering to erect fence?  Replied was certainly here regards erecting fence, but would be offering an apology "not on your nelly", further would cost 500 pounds.  Said this positively ridiculous, in any case had builder coming around to provide quote shortly, promptly shut door in face.

Mrs Payne asked who was at door, and said with some annoyance was builder from next door.  This duly understood, ventured to ask when was expecting builder for quote.  Said was most curious, but rather at this time as it happens.  Some moments passed in silence, and then ran to window to find builder altogether disappeared.  Mrs Payne, evidently in sharpest of minds, said,
"Oh dear.".  Too furious to reply.

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