Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Day 128

Yesterday afternoon, brandishing new hammer, set about re-erecting fence whilst Mrs Payne tottered around next door's garden regardless of contrary advice.

Holding fence post in hand, and having dismissed further query as to pointy end not going in ground, gave it terribly hard wallop with hammer.  This proved most successful, post entered ground by inch or so.  Attempt to put in original holes having been highly unsuccessful as fearfully wobbly.

Having driven post into ground Mrs Payne most interested by this success, said was doing a terribly good job.  By the by, terribly naughty to put fence back further over next door's garden.  Surveying fence posts realised had gained altogether 6 inches on property boundary.  Furious at this, said to help getting post out.

Proceeded much grunting and oofing regarding post, as fearfully difficult getting loose from ground.  Finally, post came free.  This unfortunately due to me hitting post ever so hard with hammer whilst Mrs Payne pulled on post with all her weight.  Hammer head promptly fell off, and Mrs Payne, now with post free, fell backwards on rather wet patch of grass, creating quite wet patch at posterior of dress.  Most displeased by this, said that was another dress ruined.

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