Thursday, 5 April 2012

Day 129 - lunch

Still furious at not getting replacement hammer, and explanation to other half last night as to soil being dense all but fell on deaf ears.  Replied something was certainly dense.

Coming down for lunch most surprised to see car outside next door.  Could see not a glimmer of activity after positive minutes of careful observation through lounge window so decided to have lunch.

Found back door open, and with horror realised Mrs Payne altogether likely in next door's garden.  Dashed out of back door and found Mrs Payne inevitably in far side of next door's garden, spoke at quite some volume,
"More berries, Robert!  Bush is almost bare now though.".

In same instance new neighbours popped out from back door, at which Mrs Payne quivered in shock, tottered as last as her legs could carry her, taking altogether some time, as watched in height of embarrassment at awfully slow and un-stealthy getaway.

Once upon home soil Mrs Payne turned around, and most graciously and with complete obliviousness to previous activities, said in jolly voice,
"Oh hello!  You must be our new neighbours!".

Followed ever so tentative introductions.  Neighbours quite male and female clones, both middle-aged and tall, with dark hair and terribly thick glasses.  Shall call them Mr and Mrs Glasses.  Bound to say most kind regards Mrs Payne's trespass, uttered not a word about it, although clearly furious.  Said also, whilst pushing glasses onto nose with alternate words, would certainly contact builder regards fence.  Most pleased about this, said builders positive Neanderthals and shocked at workmanship.  This rather less successful line of conversation, Mr Glasses said was his brother.  Struggled awfully to retract this, at which Mrs Glasses said they hated snobs, certainly hoped they wouldn't be living next door to some.  Replied positively abhorred fearful snobs, certainly were not some ourselves.

Followed some moments of uncomfortable silence.  Mr Glasses said would be moving in on Saturday, but was sure fence would be fixed tomorrow.  At this went to leave, before which Mrs Payne, holding out a red stained handkerchief, asked
"Would you like some berries?".

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