Thursday, 5 April 2012

Day 129

Had fearful argument at hardware shop regards proper use of hammer.  Explained as to hammer head coming right off with not a jot of reason why.  This taken with much scepticism by owner, said was certainly user error.  Said this most ridiculous, how hard was it to hammer a hammer?

At this, Mrs Payne with armful of seedlings arrived, interjected saying had I not returned the hammer yet, and really should be more careful with it, she was ready to go.  At this owner declared could do nothing regards return, and must have thought he was "born yesterday".

Took Mrs Payne to till in utmost fury, positively refused to pay for the thirty pounds of seedlings she had acquired.  Mrs Payne most displeased as this, said it wasn't her fault I didn't know how to use hammer.  Said to till girl,
"The lump fell off his hammer!".  Girl giggled at this in most annoying manner.  Stalked out of shop.

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