Friday, 6 April 2012

Day 130

Other half most interested with new neighbours.  Said was sure they were delightful.  Replied could not be further from truth, and rude comment as to us being snobs, had quite some suspicion they were snobs themselves!  Mrs Payne rather in agreement with this, still awfully sore with them absolutely cutting her following offer of berries.

Most shocked to learn other half had bought Easter eggs, and as such now in terrible situation of having to reciprocate.  Going out this morning into town to see about one.  Asked Mrs Payne would she like to join me.  Said far too busy planting seedlings, however would I be so kind as to get one for her also, thank you very much.

Mrs Payne terribly excited to plant her seedlings.  Said had cleared a little area next to fence and would soon have them in ground.  Gave quite serious caution as to fraternising with builders, sure to arrive this morning to fix fence.  Replied would certainly be done by then.  Will hide sherry before leaving for town in any case.

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