Friday, 20 April 2012

Day 140

Most excited this morning about holiday.  Other half and I planning work today, travel to hotel tea time.  Queried at breakfast as to when Mrs Payne would be leaving, hoping would be soon and in altogether different direction.  Replied was not altogether sure, said with silvery laugh had better check where she was going!  Sat in furious silent at this, as positively certain to know where.

Rummaging through handbag for scrap of paper, Mrs Payne queried in doing so as to where we were going?  Replied in much annoyance and gritted teeth were going to Seaview Hotel, Southsea.  Mrs Payne paid not jot of attention to this, continued rummaging and upon finding relevant piece of paper donned reading glasses, read out verbatim,
"Sea.  View.  Hotel...  Southsea.  I say, that's the same hotel!  Fancy!".

Positively furious at this, said was all too aware was same hotel, as had overheard me booking on phone, further whole point of booking was getting some peace!  Mrs Payne most annoyed at this, said to think audacity of such accusation.  Would jolly well not be spending jot of time with me on holiday and could barely stand to be in same car as me.

I sat silent at this, positively shaking with rage.  Shoving scrap paper back into handbag, Mrs Payne asked ever so nonchalantly,
"Fancy the same hotel!  When were we leaving?".

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