Monday, 9 April 2012

Day 131 - lunch

No work today on account of Easter bank holiday.  Other half pleased with her egg from Mrs Payne and I.  Said they were fearfully expensive weren't they, so didn't mind the size.  This rather overshadowed by eggs for Mrs Payne and I, quite large in comparison.  Said we would share.

Morning altogether ruined by awfully loud music from new neighbours.  Bound to say quite spoiled my mid-morning tea and chocolate.  Decided had quite enough as was sure same dreadful music on repeat, said would go around and see about lowering volume.  Mrs Payne much in agreement with this, still terribly angry regarding the Uptights cutting her.  Said was not sure calling them the "Untights" really had the same sharpness however.

Knocking at door waited quite some time for answer, at which Mrs Uptight answered in most regale manner.  Begged her pardon, but music rather loud, would it be possible to reduce volume a touch?  This taken very badly, with altogether annoyed response with much emphasis that,
"It IS Tchaikovsky!".
Begged her pardon, didn't realise she had guests, but would she be so good as to tell Mr Tchaikovsky to,
"TURN THE MUSIC DOWN!".  At this stalked back to house, music unabated.

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