Monday, 9 April 2012

Day 131

Neighbours have now moved in, and bound to say most aggravating in manner.

Saturday morning as promised had arrived with furniture van, and bound to say brought in quantity of expensive looking furniture and items like reclining leather office chair quite ridiculous in extravagance.  As feared, suspect them altogether not the 'people of the people' they think.

Other half begged my pardon, but was I going to spend all day at the window, or was I having lunch?  Said I was mulling over plans for flattened flower bed.  By the by, could do with new office chair.

Went out to greet them after lunch by way of introduction for other half.  Mrs Payne and I altogether reticent regards previous activities, and bound to say found them no better in mood.  Learned names to be Mr and Mrs Updike, both academics at local university.  Stood in silent annoyance as Mrs Payne likened name to 'up the river'.  Further explanation,
"You know, Up!  Dike!  Not without a paddle I should hope!".
This rather straw that broke camels' backs, said they had better be getting on.

Returning to home other half said was sure they were lovely people, and caught them at a bad moment.  Mrs Payne said she thought them positively fearful.  Replied I thought rather the same, was not altogether convinced about living next door to the Uptights.  Mrs Payne replied as to getting the name wrong, before uttering, "Oh I say!" and whispering to herself in excitement,

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