Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Day 132 - lunch

Following mid-morning tea, shocked to hear music of prodigious loudness such that even my headphones could not be heard.  Went downstairs to investigate to find Mrs Payne with our hifi at awful volume, and having dragged speaker across room with wire trailing in mid-air, was holding it out of window with look of fury in direction of next door.  Seeing me, Mrs Payne shouted something with quite some vigour, however altogether indistinguishable from music.

Seeing suspicious old couple looking over whilst walking back home Mrs Payne most kind.  Waved in jolly way, blew them a kiss.  Suspicious old couple continued walking with not a jot of response, opened mouthed as they did.

As song finished queried in most annoyed manner as to what on earth was doing.  Replied that was delivering letters.  At this next song started, and before had chance for another word Mrs Payne uttered by way of introduction,
"Oh, I like this one!", and music continued.

Followed several minutes of awful volume and wondered was it rather necessary to play Christmas songs?  As Old King Wenceslas bellowed out Mrs Payne most invigorated by this attack, proceeded to sing along whilst tottering up and down on spot.  Had all but had enough when saw Mrs Uptight leave house in furious rage and soon came awful bang at door.  At this Mrs Payne left speaker on window sill, and answering door proceeded to hand letters to neighbour, smile sweetly, and close door in face.

Through window saw Mrs Uptight stop on door step in surprise, and realising communiqué had been completed, promptly returned next door with look of fury.

Following this Mrs Payne turned off music, and with much pleasure, said,
"Well, that went well!".

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