Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Day 133

Mrs Payne most mournful at her lack of vegetables.  Said had positively worked fingers to bone in planting them.  Was sure those "fearful Untights" were enjoying her hard work.  Said this highly unlikely seeing as vegetables don't grow in matter of days.

Other half came home last night with quite surprise for Mrs Payne.  Was thrilled to the core with little pot of parsley, carefully arranged in angled wooden box.  Mrs Payne commented was most adorable thing had ever seen.  Said it looked like a coffin.

Found Mrs Payne watering parsley this morning.  Queried as to surely needing not that much water.  This dismissed as quite groundless suggestion, was giving the "little darlings" their morning "drink".

Preparing toast, Mrs Payne most excitedly took scissors to her parsley, and uttering "sorry darlings!" by way of apology, promptly cut a little piece off, sprinkling it on her toast.  Watched in quite awe as presently ate the toast, marmalade and parsley combined.  Upon finishing saw I was rather open-mouthed at this.  Said was terribly sorry not to have asked, did I want some?

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