Thursday, 12 April 2012

Day 134 - lunch

Found Mrs Payne with look of fearful determination in kitchen at lunch time.  Parsley pots positively bare and Mrs Payne vigorously mixing bowl with butter and parsley.  Said with excitement had come across recipe for parsley butter.  Fancy, was butter mixed with parsley!  Said couldn't believe it.

Was duly asked to test butter, and doing so found it altogether unpalatable.  Declared was rather more parsley than butter, further had a rather "stalky" texture, and was that soil in the bowl?  This taken most badly, said was fearfully difficult to make.  Most concerned explanation of soil as,
"that's just goodness!".

Queried over lunch why was making parsley butter early in any case, as were not eating until evening.  This Mrs Payne explained as having "some unfinished business" this afternoon.  I fear the future.

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