Thursday, 12 April 2012

Day 134

Other half most disappointed last night to hear Mrs Payne's poor seedlings having been cast aside.  Said was certainly glad had bought Mrs Payne parsley to tend to.  Confirmed Mrs Payne tending to them most vigorously, queried however as to being necessary to sing to them.  This almost as bad as music next door.

All needed much cheering up, and decided would invite boss and Horseface for dinner today.  Other half most excited by this, said we could have fish with parsley butter!  Mrs Payne also excited, said would have to water them fearfully to get the best out of them.

Found Mrs Payne this morning with little watering can showering parsley such that could barely stand up to the weight of it.  Begged her pardon, but were having fish for dinner, not the ocean.  Mrs Payne declared this absolute nonsense, would make them grow "big and strong".  Said would make delicious parsley butter.  By the way, what were ingredients?

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