Friday, 13 April 2012

Day 135

Came downstairs yesterday to find delightful bunch of flowers in vase and Mrs Payne in most jolly mood.  Said had finished parsley butter and her "little darlings" had not died in vain, was now chilling in fridge.  At this said was altogether ready for dinner with boss and Horseface, and further, what fish were we having?  At this exclaimed "bother!" at quite some volume, and grabbing coat quickly left home to acquire fish.

Outside, most fearful event, as saw with horror next door's pots all but baron of flowers and came to realisation as to where flowers now located.  Evidently in similar mind, Mrs Uptight opened front door, and with furious look on face said in most unladylike manner,
"Oi!".  Before had time to continue conversation, interrupted was terribly sorry, but off out on urgent business, and having shut car door saw Mrs Uptight continue tirade of annoyance.

Went to set off as Mrs Uptight in further anger and continuing silent tirade, set about throwing remainder of broken flowers and stalks at car windscreen, and positively frightful as turned on wipers to clear debris with stalks flying all about.  With quite some difficult set car into gear and heart pounding finally got away.

Following events all too harrowing so shall write later.

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