Monday, 16 April 2012

Day 136 - lunch

Found rather nice hotel to stay at in Hampshire, and most pleased as booked it this morning.  Place altogether delightful and overlooks sea.

Opened door to office for mid-morning tea and had Mrs Payne quite fall into me, resulting in both of us in heap on floor.  Positively furious at this as quite sure Mrs Payne listening in on telephone call.  This vigorously denied, though Mrs Payne clutching glass tumbler terrible give-away.  Said she had finished a drink.  Sharply queried as to what, and response of wine positively ridiculous.

Told Mrs Payne not a thing of booking, though at lunch gave quite some hints as to knowing had booked.  Begged my pardon, but had I found anywhere yet, heard Norfolk very nice, could give some suggestions if desired.  Nonchalantly said this altogether unnecessary.  Most annoyed as Mrs Payne smiled knowingly.

Telephoned regards reducing milk delivery next week, as only needed enough for one.  Mrs Payne said afterwards this altogether unnecessary as had decided to go away herself.  Would not be kept at home like family pet given bowl of food by neighbours.  Said this jolly idea, heard Norfolk very nice.

Rang back milkman and girl on phone most rude regards order, said to,
"Make your mind up!".  Replied was terribly sorry, two telephone calls in day evidently rushed off feet, could not possible manage.  Girl hung up before had chance to add further sarcasm.  Positively furious.  Mrs Payne thought this height of amusement, said perhaps could stay at home, on reflection.

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