Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Day 137 - lunch

Came downstairs for lunch and most annoyed to find not a jot of milk for tea.  Further investigation led to explanation from Mrs Payne that not a solitary bottle had arrived by milkman this morning.  Said this altogether likely, as girl positively useless regards order.  Most annoyed at Mrs Payne defended this saying had confused "poor girl".

Telephoned again and in terribly nice manner said would she be so kind as to amend order such that would like milk this week, but NOT next week.  This taken with quite some aggravation, said was clearly playing games and another call like this would call police.  Said this quite ridiculous, order had been given correctly, and fault entirely their end.  Following fearful denial of this girl promptly hung up.

Thought some moments later as winced whilst drinking milk-less tea as to having over half pint this morning.  Queried this with Mrs Payne and most annoyed to hear had enjoyed cup of hot milk earlier, using entirety.  Said this most reckless, now had not a jot of milk remaining.  Mrs Payne seemed altogether disinterested by this, said thoughtfully,
"It was delicious.  You should try one!".

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